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Doable Wellness is our company wellness program that rewards you for your healthy behaviors as well as providing tools to engage in additional healthy behaviors.  There are great tools for everyone.   

If you are exactly where you want to be with your health, then Doable Wellness is still for you because we want to reward you for your healthy behaviors. If you feel like you could be doing a little better in some areas of your health, then we invite you to engage, use the tools and claim your points.  Doable really has something for everyone, so Welcome!llness!

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Motivation For Healthy Habits

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Develop Your Why

Non-invasive, confidential, private, self-administered body scans w/ results emailed directly to the person that was scanned.

How To Get Your Body Scan(s)

Getting your Body Scan(s) is fast and easy. You only need to be in form fitting clothing and it only takes 90 seconds once you are standing on the scanner. See below for more information on the body scanner. Body scans can cost as much as $75 but you can receive a scan as often as every month to see your progress as you increase your healthy behaviors. Notice that there are different locations to get your body scan, so make sure you are scheduling your body scan at the most convenient location for yourself. Click the button below (or the body scan logo on your app) to schedule your appointment

Scanning shows fats (android, subcutaneous, gynoid & visceral), bone mass, muscle mass, and much more.

1st Scan establishes baseline.

Quarterly scans show progress.

Motivation happens as we realize where we are at AND see the positive results from simple efforts.

Our App Becomes Your HOW

A taste of our chef-designed,
well-loved meal plans that you will be cooking

Healthy Meals Made Easy

At Home Doable Workouts


Claim your points for Healthy Behaviors

Earn One (not both) of the Rewards Below for 120 points/mo Earned:

Earn add'l $ in to your HSA each month you earn 120 points


Earn a $50 gift card for 3 months of earning 120 points/month

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