Up Your Game

Offer Motivating

Motivation For Healthy Habits

Develop Your Why

Non-invasive, confidential, private, self-administered body scans w/ results emailed directly to the person that was scanned.

Scanning shows fats (android, subcutaneous, gynoid & visceral), bone mass, muscle mass, and much more.

Our App Becomes Your HOW

A taste of our chef-designed,
well-loved meal plans that you will be cooking

Healthy Meals Made Easy

At Home Doable Workouts

Educate     Gamify     Reward

Science Backed Modules

Learn     Track     Improve


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Improving Health Starts with
Knowing & Journaling
What You Eat

Affordable? Absolutely!

Why are we the easiest wellness program for you to implement?
We do all the heavy lifting!

We know you are busy and probably don’t have time for an awesome wellness program. Don’t worry, we get it! Our team makes it all very very doable for you and your employees. You will be surprised how your doable effort becomes such an effective way to help your employees.

Emotional Wellness? (breath in) Yeesss (breathout)

Healthy Meals, Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies

Optional Add ON:

Employee's efforts lead to FREE GROCERIES

It’s Easy and automatic. Each time your employees use The Dinnerhub App to eat healthy,
$ is reimbursed onto the cc they used to purchase the groceries by us.

What? How does the Grocery Benefit really work?

Other Valuable Insights

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About us

Our Vision

Mindful employers participating in significantly reducing chronic disease by incentivizing willing employees.

Our Mission
The process of getting dinner on the table through technology, leading to healthier eating
Employees to take control of physical and emotional health
With emotional health techniques to help better manage stress and other education modules
To stop using taboacco and other harmful substances
Through corporate wellness, drawings, and reduction in health care premiums
Return on Investment
Healthier you and me’s lead to lower health insurance costs and greater productivity for employers

At our core is the desire to do good, Why? As Jim Collins teaches simply….because we believe that we can! We have felt the stirring and invite you to join us! Let’s Make Healthy Happen!

Kip, Founder

Make Healthy Happen for Your Employees

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