According to Harvard Business Review

Healthy Employees Cost you Less

Moving 10% of its employees from high and medium risk to low risk status yields an ROI of 6 to 1

Costs to employers from health related lost productivity dwarf those of health insurance

Investment in wellness can, when executed appropriately, create deep bonds

Decreases Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Passes to fitness clubs and nutrition information in the cafeteria are not enough

Pricing as low as $3.50 per employee per month.
Our Team does the heavy lifting of your customized wellness program and work with you to determine the appropriate benefit/incentive to offer your employees for engaging and increasing their healthy behaviors.

If you don’t have a wellness program, you ARE paying the costs in higher health insurance and less motivated and committed employees. Shift your spending to improving the lives of your employees & your bottom line. Maximize Your Benefit To Your Employees

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