Tools We Recommend to Make Healthy more Doable

Would you shingle a roof without a hammer?  Plow snow without a shovel?  Probably not, so lets not make healthy any more difficult than it needs to be.  Here are our recommendations of products that simplify and make healthy behaviors just that much more doable.

Frying Pan w/ Lid-Gas Stove​

A good large frying pan with a lid is a must have in the kitchen.  Here is our well researched non stick frying pan with a lid that we recommend for gas surfaces.  Selected for safe, non-stick.  You will be amazed at how much more fun it is to cook with this pan!


Frying Pan w/ Lid-Gas Stove​


Another PFAS-Free Frying Pan with Lid, this pan is an excellent option, especially for an electric stove.  It comes in a variety of colors and is sure to be a big help in getting healthy meals to the table.



Hard Working Very Sharp Knife

If you haven’t used a santoku knife, you can’t honestly say whether you like to cook or prep to cook or not.  This knife is short enough handle easily yet properly sized and balanced for quickly accomplishing chopping and slicing.  A wonderful knife.



Vidalia Chopper

Make chopping onions and other vegetables a breeze. So easy that it becomes the favorite doable job of any kitchen helper of any skill level or age.


Handy Paring Knives

These certainly don’t take the place of the santoku knife but it is necessary to have some easy to handle knives for a variety of kitchen prep. These are great knives that are easy to throw in the dishwasher. You’ll be glad you have 3 because you will use them often.


Great Cutting Boards

These 3 cutting boards grip your countertop and have a gutter to catch juices to help keep your prep area sanitary. They are dw safe and a must have in your kitchen.


Kid Friendly Knife Set

While this may sound like a misnomer, these knives help you by helping to train and entertain your kitchen helpers. While sharp enough to cut a cucumber these knives allow your young learning helper to feel effective while you knowing that they are also safe.


Beginner Enabling Cook Book

Feeling like you are the only capable person in the kitchen and that you are acting more like a short order cook then a parent? This cookbook is your answer to enable everyone to find success with prep and cooking!


Aluminum Baking Sheets

There are a lot of sheet pans out there, but these made our recommendation for durability, longevity and constructability that include a reenforcing rim so they don’t warp in the oven.


Silicone Non Stick Mats

Because our recommended baking sheets do not have a non stick coating (that tends to wear off), these mats fit well in the baking sheets when you are doing sheet pan dinners and such helping make clean up a breeze.


Collapsible Measuring Cups

Easy to organize in your drawers and handy to pop out and use, these measuring cups and spoons add a fun and convenient way to accomplish accurate measurements.


Magnetic Nesting Spoons

A great way to measure spices because these are narrow enough to fit into the spice bottle and scoop out what you need. They also nest nicely together so you have every size you need every time without hunting.


Reusable Mic Safe Containers

Taking leftovers to work is a sure way to save money and eat more healthy food. These containers are an economical way to accomplish the task lunches at work.


Glass Containers w/ Air Tight Lids

A better container for the person ready to tackle lunches on the go. These slip into the refrigerator and then into the microwave, even featuring a steam release on each lid.


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