About us

Born from Simplifying Getting Dinner on the Table

Doable Wellness was started by Kip Deem, Chantele Gray and Megan Palmer from the desire to help families simplify getting dinner on the table.  From Kip’s upbringing, he benefited from healthy behaviors in the home that kept the family together and living a healthy lifestyle.  Wanting the same for his family, and noticing that our culture has changed the way we work, eat, and use our free time, he started what has now become Doable Wellness.

Incentivizing Health Behaviors

Expanding beyond dinner solutions, Doable Wellness is a wellness solutions that helps companies and individual increase their healthy behaviors, helping employees and their families live better lives.  Doable Wellness was born to increase motivation to live a healthier life by providing incentives and tools that make healthy behaviors doable. As human beings, we know what healthy behaviors we need to increase, we just need a stronger motivation to do them.  With free body scans and robust tools for healthy eating and other healthy behaviors, Doable Wellness is the most robust, affordable and doable program available.  For employers, we now have two great offerings, Mini Doable Wellness and our full Doable Wellness program to help employers incentivize their employees to increase healthy behaviors, decrease chronic disease and be at their best both at work and and home.

Choose Your Focus

While the Full Doable Wellness program is designed as a corporate wellness offering, individuals truly benefit from an individual membership in Mini Doable Wellness to simplify healthy behaviors and determine and decrease their health risk.  You can select from the following focuses inside the Doable Wellness app.  Guided direction for your area of focus is available inside the app.  Choose from:

Losing Weight, Losing Inches and Decreasing Health Risk by Simply Increasing Healthy Behaviors

Simplifying Dinner
So Kids and Other Adults Can Help Make Healthy Dinner Happen

Learning Your Current Health Risk with a Body Scan and Then Seeing the Benefits of Simple Healthy Behaviors

Becoming a Pro at Quick DIY Protein Shakes for Meal Replacements and Enjoyable Healthy Eating

Learning the Benefits of and Purchasing Clean Simple Eats Protein Powders and Other Products

Helping You Find Your Motivation for Healthy Behaviors and Providing Tools to Make Your Healthy Happen

Our Vision

Healthier, Happier People that are using Doable Wellness to Lose Weight and Inches and Decrease their Health Risk by Increasing Their Healthy Behaviors

Our Mission:

To increase motivation to live a healthier life by providing incentives and tools that make healthy behaviors doable

HCap Strategy & Doable Wellness

Doable Wellness + HCap Strategy = $2,700 into Employee's Health Savings Accounts

Make Healthy Happen for Your Employees

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