Visualize yourself in 3D with our completely private, 90 second body scan.


Shape your future by assessing your health risks with the first scan. Quarterly scans track progress on fat loss, calories burned and activity levels over time.


Form-fitting clothing is required for accurate results. We recommend women wear sports bras and leggings and men wear tight shorts and shirtless. Your scan results (like the samples above) are emailed to you and no one else.

Add’l Details
  • Must be 18 years or older. (Please bring proof of birthdate if questionable)
  • No Walk-ins accepted. Must have a scheduled appt.
  • Scan only takes 30 seconds once standing on the platform
  • No special dietary or fasting requirements needed previous to scan
  • Scanner uses infrared light (just like a TV remote) which is completely safe
  • Millions of data points become accurate body measurements know as anthropometrics
  • Better than just using a scale to determine progress. Scale doesn’t show fat loss and muscle gain, where scan does.
  • First scan is a baseline, subsequent scans become progress reports showing improvement
  • Seeing improvement in 3D become intrinsic motivation to continue with healthy behaviors
  • Scan report should not take the place of visiting with a competent medical professional about your health
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